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Just I case you didn't know, I'm dialga09261717170.

I don't know why but i'm getting into ROBLOX again. I will be playing games again.
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~Cross Building Brickbattle~

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~Cross Building Brickbattle~
Fight your opponents in this classic, non-freemodled map with your Rocket Launcher, your sword, paintball gun (miked's) and your wall builder as a defence! Do your best and impress me! (This took about an hour to build, the whole map was made by me and may become a free model later)
Paper-tastic Mario RP 0.3.1

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Paper-tastic Mario RP 0.3.1
MINOR UPDATE 3.0.1 ________________________________________ + Added ROBLOX Island + Added more morphs.
Paper ROBLOX! An old game.

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Paper ROBLOX! An old game.
If you haven't heard or this game, you're not a legend. Play my classic game, Paper ROBLOX today! Game was created back in 1/30/2011 2:24:07 PM.
Model making place.

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Model making place.
This is where I make models. Be sure to like.




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