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New Name # IRonaldoJR

Old name: Williamscoop

my Alt is Williamscoopalt1

Joined roblox at 9/6/2009. Joined ro soccer 2011.

Old Username williamscoop 9/6/2009 and I Changed it too IRonaldoJR at 1/04/2014


(•_•) <) ) ./ \.
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{Real Madrid} Club De Futbol
~ Futbul Club De Barcelona ~
Bloxtenham Town Football Club
Doge #.#
Manchester United Official FC
Masters F.C: The next generation
Real Madrid CF (RMA)
Robloxchester United


Friends: 2,900
Forum Posts: 1
Place Visits: 8,413
Knockouts: 6,975
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 88%

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Active Places

Ro -Soccer- pitch

Visited 5,501 times (16 last week)
Ro  -Soccer- pitch
If theres Scrims , Matches, or Training going on then then Place Would be Serverlocked. Enjoy :)

Visited 2,082 times (0 last week)
Soon will be More updates.
-Epic obby- -Read Description:

Visited 66 times (1 last week)
-Epic obby-     -Read Description:
Remaining 34 Stages : soon More Stages Are coming Still in Progress still building Updates coming
TŞ Professional Soccer 2012 - TPS 12

Visited 211 times (1 last week)
TŞ Professional Soccer 2012 - TPS 12
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium - TPS 12 (Sample) -
Ro Basketball *Updated*

Visited 56 times (0 last week)
Ro Basketball  *Updated*
We can do training and Matche or just playing around Have Fun guys. On Ball Press E to Raise Power and Q to Put power Abit down. Power olny to 100.
Keeper to keeper (K2K)

Visited 445 times (21 last week)
Keeper to keeper (K2K)
Have fun guys
Ro soccer Fifa Street.

Visited 39 times (6 last week)
Ro soccer Fifa Street.
I Hope you Enjoy # Made With Bricks by me.
Musical Chairs BC olny.

Visited 13 times (13 last week)
Musical Chairs BC olny.
If you Win you get to choose any Music.

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