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Updates delayed until further notice.
Sky Legends Part 1-Grand Opening!-

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Sky Legends Part 1-Grand Opening!-
Welcome to Sky Legends, an RPG between sky and ground lands. You live on and island called the Island in the Sky. Your island has been attacked by evil beings that kidnaped your king! You must save the people living here before the island is destroied! ________________________________________ If you have finished this game, please go to the part 2 game ________________________________________ No V.I.P. Personally, the 2nd will be better than this but I recommend going here first so you know what is going on in part 2.
Monster Fighters - 5%

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Monster Fighters - 5%
In this game monsters are launched at you in the village. It's your job to advance and kill off the monsters and save Telamon to win. Be careful, the further you go, the harder they get! Buy weapons from the shop to get stronger! Don't forget to talk to the NPCs as you go; they could have good information! Directions: Use the arrow keys or the w,a,s,d keys to move. Click on your weapon or on the keyboard push its corisponding number. Click off the weapon icon to shoot. For better game-play: Zoom all the way in. This makes it easier to turn around quickly and still see infront of you. Remember all of this will be in the "Help" gui in case you forget! Have fun!
New Rpg-Coming Soon!

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New Rpg-Coming Soon!
Got many ideas hopeing to finish it soon!
The Land of Folkroth

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The Land of Folkroth
An all new RPG style I've been working on


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