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"Italdesign" made my pants, "TripleR" made my shirt, and "Haversham" made my Name tag.
I need some things scripted. If you want to help, please read the description to my Prison game to see what I need. Thanks!
Feel free to look up my name in the catalog under models to see what I've built in Roblox!
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The prison is finished and fully functional! Guards: Keep those criminals in place! Prisoners: Escape! Use your surrounding to your advantage! Find hiding spots, weapons, and even secret passages leading to your freedom. Escapees: help other prisoners! Please report abusers to me. Killing prisoners disobeying orders isn't abuse. You can also vote to kick them! I'm going to post a forum soon giving credit to everyone deserving. If you have any ideas please tell me. Thanks!
Bomb shelter *uncopylocked*

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Bomb shelter *uncopylocked*
Fight for the bunker with bombs! You wouldn't let all of these bombs go to waste, would you? There are more than twenty types of bombs here! To win you need to reach the bottom, acquire the gravity coil and go back to the surface and jump to the green team's spawn. Terrybollea made the nutcracker bomb, alex3124 made the disco bomb, ajoeguy made the candle bomb. The other bombs are gear items.
Grim's zombie world Original *uncopylocked*

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Grim's zombie world Original *uncopylocked*
*VIP* Originally created in 2009. It now includes Dynamic Lighting! Read the decals inside for the story. Fight in eight zombie levels as Grim tells you what is happening in the outside world! Each level also hides a yellow button. When all eight are hit a secret reveals itself! *barn by Hatmasterbob, hen houses by wigger1234, decals by friend in real life, scripts by other but GREATLY modified by me (glitch19).
Zombie City with Dynamic Lighting *uncopylocked*

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Zombie City with Dynamic Lighting *uncopylocked*
There are many weapons hidden throughout the map! The farther you go, the more zombies will come at you! But who knows, maybe you'll find better weapons farther out? (you will, silly) Map by glitch19, zombies by unknown, weapons by Roblox.
It's just my massively epic office. *uncopylocked*

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It's just my massively epic office. *uncopylocked*
There are no secrets here...None at all... TripleR made the chair and couch set. samacado made the decal scripts. narutonumber1 made the big singular picture frames. quinn50 made the glitch19 statue. Roblox made the gear. The scripts aren't mine but I modified them.


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