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Offset is everything.

Guess who's back. Back again. Rakshot's brother's back. Tell your friend.
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Bayview Racing (Build and Race)

Visited 816,286 times (1,933 last week)
Bayview Racing (Build and Race)
/!\ OLD VERSION HERE: /!\ WARNING: Game still under construction, glitches expected. Rebuilding this game. msg if you want to help.
Operation Gothic Serpent (Concept)

Visited 119,791 times (1 last week)
Operation Gothic Serpent (Concept)
This is a rough concept that will re-enact the battle that occured in Mogadishu.
Build and race (classic)

Visited 213 times (42 last week)
Build and race (classic)
Ravagers.... still looking for name

Visited 30 times (15 last week)
Ravagers.... still looking for name
Right mouse button (or Q) to aim down sights. '[' - Salute ';' - Surrender ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game does not support mobile devices.


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