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Naruto Information (LoS)
Name: Arashi
Clan Rank:Anbu
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Otogakure
Village: Takigakure
Rank: Root
Affiliations: Jugo's Clan,ROOT
Chakra Nature(s): Futon (Wind Release) Raiton (Lightning Release)
Kekkei Genkai: Jiton (Magnet Release)
Kinjutsu: Cursed Seal of Heaven
Hobbies: Exploring,Observing,Refining Skills
Tools: Kunai,Katana
Goal:My goal is to test my strength against the current Seven Ninja Swordsman of The Hidden Mist.I have no desire for their weapons (nor am I able to get them,not a Kiri nin) I just want to be able to fight them one to one,to see their true power up close.

Sound Souls RP Info

Name: Eidolon
Status: Active
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Affiliation: Witch Assembly
Partner: None
Base of Operations: Witch Realm,Death City
Classification: Shadow Witch
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Takigakure (The Village Hidden in the Waterfall)
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Abandoned Urban Warfare (First Person Shooter)

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Abandoned Urban Warfare (First Person Shooter)
Some of the guns I made myself, even the tactical knife. You MUST Zoom in to Play! If you are using an assult rifle, then remember these contols: M = Knife G = Undermounted Grenade Launcher R = Reload C = Crouch For the shotguns, Heres it's Contols R = Reload G = Knife F = Cancel Reload For the Tactical Knife, Click to shoot, move your cam left and right to melee. Made so it has a waiting time to knife. So it's less abusive.


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