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athletic edge gymnastics

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athletic edge gymnastics
welcome to athletic edge where you may learn how to do back hand springs flips cartwheels handstands and specials there is still auditions and training we are not strict we just like for you to get a competition ready for you guys we are just very over protecting we want you guys to be good not bad and not make a fool out of your self
the whisper

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the whisper
hey guys this is the chance to be in the best movie ever theres 3 popular girls there is a boy and there in auditions do your best and its terrifing
frozen full movie

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frozen full movie
hey guys please audition for the movie frozen the Disney movie frozen with Olaf and No man and Kristof and the others doesent matter if you dident see the movie kristof -pokedude111helper no man - bast42 Olaf - belasis Elsa - bettyblox mom - cutiepiez29 dad - tacokid3000


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