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I quit Roblox for CS.
Roblox has become boring with all the stupid and spamming people. Notice I did not say "Noobs" because noobs mean "new." Some "Noobs" can't even chat. Most of the spamming and stupid people here on Roblox are made up of Old Roblox players that have gotten banned and made a new account. Roblox has even started making dum updates that are useless. Roblox, really? You took away all my fun times, and you leave me with this dump. Roblox your a disgrace. That's why I am say I am embarrassed to play Roblox. I quit, there's no coming back for me.

I would like to say farewell to all my friends on Roblox. First of RUA. Thank you RUA for teaching me skill. You welcomed me even if I was a newbie that time. So thank you. I also would like to thank my best friends on Roblox who sticked beside me even when I was being annoying (XD Good times!) And next of all, My RETA and TIE friends. You guys let me in even if I was a girl. You guys fought Side by side with me. Thank you.
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CS Empire Fort Major  (10% Finished)
[10% Finished] This is CS Empire (Fort Major)! For Allies and Robloxians in CS Empire, this will be a place to Talk about Alliance and meetings! And For our Dearest Enemies, this will be the main Raiding place! For it to be a REAL Raid then there must be at least 3 Enemies and 3 CS Empire's soldiers! Loop-killing or Admin Abuse by Anyone, will result in lost Raid (Or Defence), Demotion, Being Exiled from CS Empire and kicked or banned from Fort Major!


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