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My models & places are relics of an age long past, from a golden shore long since sailed on, do what you will with them, credit me if possible..

I do not play roblox anymore, I haven't regularily played in nearly 2 years, haven't seriously built in over 4.
I come in many forms, however I particularily maintain my old OSE clan image to serve as an example to younger generations as inspiration of what you can be if you put your mind to it.
The un-sung architect from a era long over, the role model you may always look up to, but perhaps will never meet.

User's blurbs that summarize my time on roblox: Ploober33,PlanetDestroyer,Trigus,.
Cherish your time on this game, when it's over, it's gone, & it will never return, & that is something you must live with.
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-{[Galactic Commerce Treaty_ ]}-
〔 :{❖}: Ồctavỉan Ṥtar Σmpỉrề_ :{❖}: 〕
〔〔 ỒṤΣ 〕Containment Ṩystem_ 〕
〔〔 ỒṤΣ 〕̾̾Ồctavỉan Ḉadet Ῥrograṃ_ 〕
Assassins BrotherHood
Elite Builders of Robloxia
Orbital Vanguard Alliance [OVA]
R.A.T. (roblox assault team)
Sleet Clan


Friends: 1,925
Forum Posts: 6,277
Place Visits: 67,702
Knockouts: 9,997
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

Active Places

The Tomb of Decimus E. Vyycan - Dues Imperator

Visited 50,253 times (99 last week)
The Tomb of Decimus E. Vyycan - Dues Imperator
Forged from tyranny, built upon the bones of the oppressed, expansion's shadow will fall, none will escape, worlds a blaze, fire will consume them, cries of the fallen will resonate, they shall bear chains. Technological supremacy is ours. Respect through allegiance. YT playlist; TSFH-Armada(WarAnthem)0:00+ Infamous2-Bertrand(WarMarch#1)2:02+ TSFH-DarkAges(WarMarch#2)0:14+ TSFH-1000ShipsOfTheUnderworld(WarMarch#3)0:00+ ArsaArcana-Tyrannos(Emperor'sTheme)0:00+ ImmediateMusic-LacrimosaDominae(TombSong)0:00+ CREDITS: Dreapster;Statue collab, CrakTheRaven;VyycanStatue, DISCLAIMER; Extravagance & detail was the objective for this place, THIS PLACE WILL LAG A LOT. Higher end PCs required to visit. Thumbnails uploaded for those who are unable to run the map.Title; "Dues Imperator";only for roleplay value alone.
Project Legacy [Sect 1] Capital City [Free]

Visited 8,074 times (19 last week)
Project Legacy [Sect 1] Capital City [Free]
Project legacy was named Legacy for one reason, my final dying legacy for the sci fi community of roblox, a laggless space raid system I never had completed. My work, is now yours, for all the technology I have taken, hoarded, invented and designed over the years, this is what Im giving back to the community. Enjoy this, as much as I enjoyed roblox! -E981
Project Legacy [Sect 2] Mid Orbit Octavia [Free]

Visited 6,634 times (12 last week)
Project Legacy [Sect 2] Mid Orbit Octavia [Free]
This was the mid orbit section of the land to space space raid system I had made for project legacy, this is my legacy, the legacy I leave behind for the sci fi community of roblox! -E981
Project Legacy [Sect 3] High orbit hub [Free]

Visited 2,272 times (20 last week)
Project Legacy [Sect 3] High orbit hub [Free]
This was the center hub station for project legacy, by far the coolest space station Ive made on roblox. I hope you enjoy this guys. -E981
Project Legacy [Sect 5] Miridian system [Free]

Visited 469 times (8 last week)
Project Legacy [Sect 5] Miridian system [Free]
Just another system you couldve warped to in project legacy. its free now. -E981


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Face Guard of the Fallen
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 100
Kukui Nut Lei
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 100
Dungeon Guard
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 200
Intergalactic General
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 100
Justice of The Thief
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 250
Creator: ROBLOX
Desert Airbreather
#983 / 2000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 250
Angry Spikes
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 125
Snake Slate Hood
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 55
Securbot 8990
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 89
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