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Don't send me a friend request. Don't send me a promotion request. I don't build guns for people anymore.
Formerly SkateBored.
Founder of Cloud Nine Incorporated.
Founder of Apocalypse Rising Community.
Twitter: @Ralchire
Skype: roskatebored (If you add me, include your ROBLOX username in the contact request.)

I'm developing an indie hack-and-slash sandbox MMORPG called Tyradia with Red Dawn Games. Check it out here:

Gun fighting level: stormtrooper.
Sword fighting level: 'tis just a flesh wound.
Building level: binoculars.
Roleplaying level: *dies of werewolf bite*
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Apocalypse Rising Community
Cloud Nine Incorporated
Dualpoint Interactive
Sweet apoc and hella rising consunmity
Warriors of Legend


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Active Places

Cloud Nine Incorporated Labs

Visited 13,053 times (120 last week)
Cloud Nine Incorporated Labs
Welcome to the Cloud Nine Incorporated Labs, where Cloud Nine Inc. Employees can build for fun and practice their building skills. Trainings are also held here on a frequent basis. ==NOTICE== -Cloud Nine Inc. reserves the right to kick or ban any user for any reason whatsoever. -Report all rule-breakers to the Board of Directors. ==RULES== -Do not edit, delete, alter, materialize, paint, or "help" other people's creations without their permission. -No mass copying. -No abuse of pistols/guns. -No abuse of command bars. -Obey the Trainer when a Training is hosted. -No admin abuse (kicking and banning griefers is alright).
Apocalypse Rising Guns

Visited 9,706 times (92 last week)
Apocalypse Rising Guns
These are the actual gun models used in Apocalypse Rising (some may differ slightly, as I may have updated them after being published). White Nameplate: The gun is added into the current version of Apocalypse Rising. Red Nameplate: The gun is not implemented in any version of Apocalypse Rising, and no addition of the weapon is planned. They're all named, and soon I'll do stuff like weapon descriptions. If you have any questions, leave a comment.
Medieval Conquest v1.6.1

Visited 637 times (1 last week)
Medieval Conquest v1.6.1
The Briarhawk Kingdom has waged war upon the Eagleheart Kingdom! The two kingdoms now fight bitterly in a desperate attempt to control the much-needed resources that make their kingdoms thrive. In this build-and-fight themed game you must choose a class and rise to power. Play as a Warrior and capture resources while fighting the enemy, or play as a Villager and build the fortifications that are necessary for your kingdom to thrive. v1.6.1 Changelog -Fixed class clothing -Added textures to class hats -Adjusted spawn rate for wood and stone.

Visited 308 times (1 last week)
His Majesty's Tourney

Visited 998 times (8 last week)
His Majesty's Tourney
Welcome to the Tournament Grounds, which lies in the Eastern forests of Garthonis, and is where all the best knights in all the lands come to prove their skill. There are two events: the joust and the melee. The joust is a one-on-one mounted match fought with lances. The melee is a free-for-all deathmatch in which, all must participate. There will be a tournament here sometimes. If you own a Medieval-themed group and would like to have your group participate in this event, PM me. No, you cannot have this horse, which was built by me and scripted by Spikey490.


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