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-Since I'm not active anymore I will not respond to friend requests-

I'll pop back online once in a blue moon, but only just 'cause I'm curious to see how the site's doing. Must say, the ROBLOX devs have made some cool updates the past 2 years.
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The Amazing Puddle of Doom!

Visited 48 times (0 last week)
The Amazing Puddle of Doom!
*Back for a limited time only, now a 'mega place'* See it for yourself! The one, the only, the incredible puddle of doom! Host your exciting 'Epic Fantasy Adventure' here!

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Darkcow1's battle Arena!

Visited 173 times (0 last week)
Darkcow1's battle Arena!
WELCOME TO MY BATTLE ARENA! EXPLODE YOUR FRIENDS INTO BITESIZE CHUNKS With A WIDE RANGE OF WEAPONARY! Hints: Combine the backflip with a Builder's club energy sword to do a massive long range speed attack! Also you can use the Cow's head as kind of castle battlement type thing to shoot from. The superballs are there as a kind of stunning weapon. They do no damage and they are not ment to!!! Please don't make any comments about that! Over usage of the dodge tool will glitch your character making it hard for you to move around. Oh yeah, NO SPAWNKILLING!!!!!!! Above all though, Have fun! =D
Paintball Arena.

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Paintball Arena.
Paintball arena!
DarkCow1's Battle Arena II.

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DarkCow1's Battle Arena II.
I'll rename this when it's done. I'm not sure how long that'll be since I've got several maps still to create, and the first one took about 3 weeks to build. VERY big thanks to gokoolaid, for the map changing script. Also thanks to TylerMcbride for the moving platform.


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