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The Solitary Ascendancy
The Solitary Ascendancy
SolitaryTheory - proud Sovereign of The Solitary Ascendancy.

"Solitary, or nothing."

Commander in Chief of the Soltarian Union.

Fleet Admiral of the Soltarian Federation!

"My blood is solitary, and only." (SOLTARIANS MUST READ)
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Blue Star Defenders
Boycott Group Update 4/22/14
C&G Legion
Coordination - The Elite Six
Extreme Egg Hunters
International Robloixan Army
National Realistic Basketball League™ [NRBL]
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Active Places

://The Solitary Ascendancy - Meadows

Visited 129 times (40 last week)
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Meadows
The Ascendancy trains with full devotion and honor in this grounds named Meadows. It was first questioned by many Solitarians on what it was is. Luckily, it was turned into the official sword training arena for the Ascendancy. The maximum player amount for a training to commence is 12.
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Kydrakk Island

Visited 236 times (103 last week)
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Kydrakk Island
The Kydrakk Island is one of the most remote islands in Soltaria history. It was first developed in 5,000 S.C.E [Soltarian Common Era] by the finest Soltarians that ever existed. It's first general purpose was to indicate hostile areas by high technology. After years, it was revamped into the first base for the Ascendancy. Rules; No flaming. No spawnkilling [this majorily goes to TSA]. Exploit will result a tie. No complaining; it is not a rigged base. | Thank you for raiding and enjoy! |
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Training Institution

Visited 119 times (47 last week)
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Training Institution
With Solitaria's new technology, our society has made an instituional organization that includes the fundmentals of fighting. This holographic center attracts a sightful view of Soltaria; generally purposed for the sake of the Ascendancy. With this institution, we are forming even greater technology. Long live Soltaria. For commands, say "run" CTF FFA Obby1 Obby2 Obby3 SFT GFT (currently a work in progress) KOTH DFFA WFFA NoSim (used to end a current event). Admirals+ have admin and commands. If abused, your authorties will be confiscated. Be aware of that.
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Soltaria City, Soltar

Visited 17 times (13 last week)
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Soltaria City, Soltar
One of the most prestigious cities in Soltaria is Soltaria City. [DESCRIPTION TO BE UPDATED].
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Crown_TDM

Visited 15 times (3 last week)
://The Solitary Ascendancy - Crown_TDM
The Crown warzone is affiliated with RCL purposes by teaching the fundmenetals of gun fighting. Admirals and above have admin.


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