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I am level 36! Visit my place(s). I will not donate. I might visit your place. Tell me where you met me if you send me a friend request. Thanks!
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Active Places

☆ The Biggest, Longest, Hardest Obby in ROBLOX!

Visited 18 times (0 last week)
☆ The Biggest, Longest, Hardest Obby in ROBLOX!
▼►Keverdy13 Labs◄▼

Visited 0 times (0 last week)
▼►Keverdy13 Labs◄▼
This is where I shall work on stuff that I want to test. I will mainly be using scripts from the ROBLOX wiki. And soon I will be creating my own meshes from Anim8or Mesh.
☢ ROBLOXIA (un)Official Cafe

Visited 35 times (0 last week)
☢ ROBLOXIA (un)Official Cafe
• Start in a family. Tend to the garden. Watch TV, go to the bathroom, sleep in a bed. You can change your Family if you wish. • You can get a room in Hotel also, if you wish. (Just don't call for room service. Trust me.) • Get in your car, and drive to Cafe. Click the drink giver to get a drink. Pick up a pizza to eat it. • Say "pizzas" to regen the pizzas. Say "cars" to regen to cars. Say "run" to run. Say "kick PLAYERNAME" to vote to kick a player. • I thank you for visiting this town. Please return quickly. Pass the word on about here. • THANK YOU! •
ツ Property Tycoons

Visited 64 times (2 last week)
ツ Property Tycoons
Get a Tycoon. Buy the Dropper. When you buy the upgrades, you might want to buy them in order because if you buy any upgrade before the one before it, it won't work untill you buy the first ones. You can buy the Extra Features whenever you like.
☆☠☮♫ツ~The VIP Home~ツ♫☮☠☆

Visited 3,609 times (10 last week)
☆☠☮♫ツ~The VIP Home~ツ♫☮☠☆
Say "reset" to reset. Say "regen" to regen. • This is a free VIP game. Not an obby, and not a tycoon. Just a game to relax! • Comment on anything I should change. • There is a pool to swim, a place to build, a house to sit, a room to get VIP stuff, and a flashlight to see! There is Homer Simpson and a dog. • This place makes robloxians ツ. There is ♫. There is always a ☆ in the sky. There is ☮ as well as ☠. • The suvinire T-Shirt is at: "". But it is just a suvinire.


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Fastfood Worker
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 15
Normal Hair
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 65
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 50
Knit Hat
Creator: ROBLOX
Creator: ROBLOX
Clown Hat
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 35
Arctic Hood
Creator: ROBLOX
Boo Visor
#7910 / 10000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 1
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