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SCP Foundation [Revised]
SCP Foundation [Revised]
[BEGIN OF LOG]-I have been in the Foundation for over a year now, and yes I was there when the Original Foundation fell. I have seen many people come and go, people that i disliked, people who were dear to me, and even some that I never really knew. I have been around so long most people know and respect me. And same to them. But I always try to visit the ones who just couldn't bare to stay any longer. I still respect the ones that left. But now a days I start to wonder, "How long will we last?" , I have yet to figure that out. - [END OF LOG]
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SCP Foundation [Revised]
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3D Art sets
3D Art including the following. Horror, SCP, sample scenes, etc.
Project Walrider

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Project Walrider
[SCP] Sector-35 (WIP)

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[SCP] Sector-35 (WIP)
Armed Storage Sector-35, a small Observation post, is based in [REDACTED], Florida, Sector-35 was initially built to house supplies for [REDACTED] and to hold any anomalies until they could be relocated to more secure Facilities. Sector-35 is currently working with Site-22-01 and District-12. Current Anomalies: SCP-409


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