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Classiqué Fashion™
Hey peeps c;
bffs~ do this quiz (thanks for showing me it lexi *wink*)
anyone try this ._.
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Minigames for admin (still building)

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 Minigames for admin (still building)
Come on a win some minigames to get admin! You are offered to live in a hotel room in the game if you win admin!(Its not done yet) Please no killing people randomly when you get admin anything like that. Rule#1 Please no hacking/destroying the place if you get admin. Rule#2 No btools Rule#3 No flinging others. you can fling yourself though...
Movies you should see!

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Movies you should see!
In here you might see some movies that you might want to see!! Pm me if you want to have me put up a poster for a movie!! Hope you enjoy! :D


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