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Hi, I am Bumknuckles18, I love to play Minecraft! My name on Minecraft is Happysnail101 and I have got Jake the dog so if you see me on a server that will be me :). Best Friends: ReaperDragonNinja, KFCcolonel (My big bro), Multikarol, Galexa123, ClintonCosby, Flppyflip4, Ironfist937, redwidoow10 (one of my best friends in real life), coodo123, bumknuckle12, arkerjoe (again, another one of my best friends in real life) and deviljinn. My fav game at the moment is Stalker Classic and if you are reading my desc and you haven't played Stalker well I just wanna say a few words and here they are: PLAY IT NOW ITS EPIC!

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HOSPITAL NIGHTMARE 3! WARNING:SCARY! I Think Its Got The Same Pop Ups As The Real One And No Vips Until I Know How To Make Game Passes. Can U Survive Or Act Like A Chicken? Find Out! Iv'e Got 2 Things To Say To This Game, 1 When You Go Into Cp 1 And You Speak To That Dead Guy I Don't Think He Gives You The Key To The Mine So I Deleted That Key Door In Cp 2. 2 At The Winners I Don't Think It Gives You A Sword When You Go To The Back Of The Room So I Added A Sword Giver! Any Problems? P.M Me! Updates: Added 1 New Popup On Cp 10 But I May Be Adding More! Future Updates: May Be Adding New Pop Ups And May Be Adding More Goodies At The Winners Like A Play Area, A Ball Pool And More Givers! Shutdown=Updates


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