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Referral Code: 59-445-20
Level: 44
Haiti Money Donated: $0.10
Youtube: ThatAlbinoBlack
2007/08 Youtube: AlbinoBlackStripe
Join Date: April 29, 2008
Warnings: 2 in-game conduct, 1 forum posting, 1 commenting
Longest Ban: 3-day
Builders Club Status: None, Former Builders Club
Total Money Earned (approx.): 20,000 Tickets, 5,000 R$
Highest CTR: about 1.20%
Messages: 5,190
Major Group: FTTE
Ambassador Links: 50 (I wish I could do more.)
I'm one of those people who only wear stuff they make. It's too bad, because I didn't make any good jeans.
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F.T.T.E. (Fight Till The End)


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AlbinoBlackSheep's Sets

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Active Places

◄►Ninja Warrior◄►

Visited 2,165 times (4 last week)
◄►Ninja Warrior◄►
2nd Stage's last obstacle is now easier. :D
□▫Build A Shop and Make Money!▫□

Visited 4,417 times (12 last week)
□▫Build A Shop and Make Money!▫□
Make your own place, and get rich doing it! Sell all kinds of food, under 5 different brands. There are also tools that make it incredibly easy. Also used for occasional community building. Roleplay, build a tycoon, play on an obstcle course, the possibilites are endless. New unanchored bricks/Kick script. Also new Mini Obstacle Course for money. Please note that you do not get real ROBUX. Do not complain about not getting money.
AB City (Do Stuff)

Visited 175 times (0 last week)
AB City (Do Stuff)
Done. Planes and Plane Tool (not the decal) by Stealth Pilot. Includes a secret. Plane Controls (for those who don't know): Y to start, X to stop, and I removed the fire function. This is a place where you just do stuff, 'nuff said. Can you find the ultimate red box? Make sure you touch it, jump on it, or anything else so you can claim its reward.

Visited 35 times (0 last week)
I plan to build multiple sets for all my filming needs. I already finished one.
All Hallow's Eve Obstacle Course™

Visited 119 times (0 last week)
All Hallow's Eve Obstacle Course™
My first ROBLOX Map. May '08

Visited 35 times (0 last week)
I got the main parts (Creator, the part that makes goods, and Reciever, the part that turns them into profit) to work, but it needs some upgrades.
AlbinoBlackSheep's Hall of Heroes

Visited 50 times (0 last week)
AlbinoBlackSheep's Hall of Heroes
The last update was a year ago, so I decided to change this. I can't wait for the rust material to come out so I can add some.
FTTE Base Tag

Visited 42 times (0 last week)
FTTE Base Tag
Currently broken due to leaderboard.
FTTE Deutsch Hauptsitz [ Under Construction ]

Visited 18 times (0 last week)
FTTE Deutsch Hauptsitz [ Under Construction ]
4 Complete German HQ Floors. I hope that all FTTE members could submit an item to this base. Basement 100% furnished by AlbinoBlackSheep. Patiently awaiting contributions.


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