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Join Above!! It's an awesome group!
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I have loved Aviation all of my life, and will help grow any airline to be big if you are willing to work.

Level 30 on Clockworks Calculator

ROBLOX Best Friend- Moralessa

Can Program in the following Languages:

TycoonGent tried to steal my account by asking me if I wanted ROBUX. He said he would by them for me, then asked for my u and p, and I said no, then he raged.

DrTypley is an extremely unprofessional child who likes to join major airlines, and cry about not getting a job. DO NOT HIGHER HIM.

Air American is a 400+ airline. Will you be there when we get big?
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- Robloxian Airlines -
[JAF] JetairFly
[SA] SelectAir
[UBC] United Business Coalition
[USA] The  United  States  of  America
[USM]   United  States  Military
[USM] United  States  Air  Force
~[USA] ~ United States of America
☀ Sun Country Airlines
Aegean Airlines™
Air American
Air American Pilot Training
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Air American Pilot Training/Testing Place

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Air American Pilot Training/Testing Place
Come here to train for my group Air American!
~CEO/Founder of Air American~

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~CEO/Founder of Air American~
Welcome to my profile! I am bulldogslucky13, Founder and CEO of Air American. We are always trying to run ads, and get our airline bigger while staying active and hosting flights regularly. All donations to Air American are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you aboard one of our Air American aircraft! Air American, flying you from here to there!
Price: 50
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El Paso International Airport [ELP]

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El Paso International Airport [ELP]
Endeavor Airlines, Air American, Liat Airlines, Global Jet, and Jolteon Airlines host from here. A1: Air American A2: Air American A3: Air American A4: Air American B1: Jolteon Airlines B2: American Airlines/ROBLOX Airlines B3: Endeavor Airlines B4: Endeavor Airlines B5: Endeavor Airlines B6: Endeavor Airlines B7: Global Jet B8: Global Jet B9: Liat Airlines B10: Liat Airlines B11: Liat Airlines
Alaska AirlinesExpress Plane Testing

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Alaska AirlinesExpress Plane Testing
Just the 737-500 right now




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