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Deactivating this account for a while. I'll be using an alt.

Good luck finding me. Its unlikely though.
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'07ers United
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Active Places

Survive. Kill.

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Survive. Kill.
Survive. Hide. Kill. Enhancing
Euchre (alpha)

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Euchre (alpha)
Version 1. Might update it if I feel the need.
Colorful Obstacle Course

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Colorful Obstacle Course
My first ever ROBLOX place. Reactivated due to memories. Made front page back then :)
Outfit Tester V1.6 (PM me your opinions!)

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Outfit Tester V1.6 (PM me your opinions!) for full functionalities of this place. Test out some items before you buy them to see whether you really want this, or just curious to how an item looks. Click on other players or in-game models to see what they're wearing. Browse through an in-game catalog of hats, faces and packages. Browse through an in-game store of shirts and pants. If what you dont want is there, enter in the ID of the object to put it on. Transform into other players by using the Transform bar. Save outfits made in-game. If this game becomes reasonably popular, I'll add in VIP features. Warning: The search feature is very slow. There is not much I can do about it :/ If there are hats or what not missing, please notfiy me. Scripted 100% by wazap. Please notfiy me of stuff that goes wrong. I ran this as a test for now. It should be 95% effective though.
The Monthly Games

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The Monthly Games
Well here are a few things you should know. 'q' to dash.
SF Stuff

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SF Stuff

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