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Been here for close to 7 years. Was an OTer from '09 to '11.
(I won't be online as much for the next two weeks. Was betrayed by a friend and now I'm paying for it.)

LT (BLEACH RPG [V1.5]) by Rukiryo
Fullbring Captain #5 (Bleach RPG) by NovelOfScripts
Visored Captain #3 (Shinji Hirako)(Bleach RPG 2) by NovelOfScripts
Royal Guard (Bleach RPG: The Forgotten Soul King) by Seikun
C46 (Upcoming Bleach Game) by [Unknown]

I'm an aspiring writer and author. 10+ years from now, if you see a TV Series or a Manga called "Kinetic", it was most likely written and directed by me. Also, if you see a TV series called "Summer Nights w/ Melancholy", that's me too. Might even write something based on the Roblox game "Skybound".

If it says I'm online, chances are I might not be.
No trades.
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Training for Lua
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Classic Trampoline Fight (Since 2008)
Just like old times.
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A Writer's Paradise
An idea that I have for my first official game (after I become efficient at scripting).
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