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R.I.P Amada Todd, from 1 bullied harmer to another. I am a big beliver in Der Grossman (slender man) i will forever belive of the lovely murdering slendy <3 this is my bc refreal code or w/e its called:57-280-185
im gonna tell u some things about meh(btw i lookmean sometimes but in not)(well if u make me i will be) (likes to look after my mates x)
best friends: Cream121(ma awsome best mate in real)
blade11rocks(one of my awsome best mates)
preston09(other one of my awsome mates)
wutanoob(other awsome mate)
Xizzix(shes awsome and rocks!!!)
17lance(awsome he rocks 2 o-o)
seasilver(awsome nice friend)
jbieber9(awsome friend in real)
i love horror and vampires(duh)
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people who like ROBLOX r awesome
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My art gallery (MEGA UPDATED WHOOO) =D

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My art gallery (MEGA UPDATED WHOOO) =D
MEGGAA UPDATED RE MODELD AND MORE PICS :D new evveeeything for info ress the red bubble with the ? in it and pm me 2 get drawn 4 free ty later :D
club lize(updated again)

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club lize(updated again)
club lize a place to hang out and make friends and do what ya like. things u can do: chill in to hot tubs, be a dj, go on the swings, go down the rainbow slide, go on the ride, dance, go to the cafe, get drinks, get burgers, and morw!! ------------------------Admins------------------------ Me lize09 (owner) Cream121 (best friend in real xD) wutanoob(one of my best friends on roblox ^.^) mintobestfan12(spare account) superdog123ful(new friend) and preston09(one of my best friends on roblox) ------------------------------------------------------ lol thx for reading all this ^.~ ok u can play hehehe (sorry about that)
latest art contest entry thingie mibob

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latest art contest entry thingie mibob
for latest art contest entrys i enter

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my Beach house (used for beach partys ^^)

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my Beach house  (used for beach partys ^^)
Live as a vampire xP

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Live as a vampire xP
lucky star land o.o" :3

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lucky star land o.o&quot; :3
for lucky star fans :D i got boredd and have lucky star on the mind @.@ so i made this :3 u can even roleplay as them if u wish but kagami: is me/konata:cream121 (if we ever rp :D)
O _ O Build What Ever you like :O

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O _ O Build What Ever you like :O
build build build
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