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@USAGroupHolder: It's not scamming if I gave something in return, and it's definitely not a scam if you helped leak one of my boats.

PH has become too much of a burden. 90% of citizens are highly inactive and are often off topic. I have gotten tired of people mistakening the group as a Filipino hangout. I have gotten tired of the uneducational posts and, the "SIR KING ##### AKO #####" that is so frequent on the wall. I am sorry to say that my experience owning the PH RO-Nation has caused me to lose faith in my culture.

As temporary Premier of the People's Republic of China, I will try my best to revive the glory days of the Chinese RO-nation during the Extensively days. This great country will once again see success.
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[PRC] - PLA Training Center

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[PRC] - PLA Training Center
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[PRC] Air China System
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[PRC] - Ili River Warzone, Border with Kazakhstan
:RAIDABLE: First team to reach 150 KO's wins the raid. The Ili River is situated on the border between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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