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Dex Brigade
Dex Brigade
Hello I am ZombieSouldier The Emporer Of Darkness . I Command The Shadow Corp Empire A Member Of Nato. Your Clan Will soon join the empire If you want a High Rank Just Be Good Or Sell Your Soul to sc.
{Shazux Idenification}
Access Level:Red
Date Of Creation: 0/0/0
Home World:Vaktovia
Motto:If you dont want to die dont live

Think you're so cool?

-The girl you just called fat?... She is overdosing on diet pills.
-The girl you just called ugly?... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping that people will like her.
-The boy you just tripped?... He is abused enough at home.
-See that man with the ugly scars?... He fought for his country.
-That guy you just made fun of for crying?... His mother is dying.
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Dex Brigade
Dex Brigade High Command
Shadow Corp Bounty Hunters
Shadow Corp Empire
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Active Places

Shadow Corp Fort Zebo Read Desc

Visited 58 times (0 last week)
Shadow Corp Fort Zebo  Read Desc
This Fort Was Named After One Of My Best Generals Zebo9 And Is The First Shadow Corp Fort.There Must Be 5 Shadow Corp Soldiers For A Raid To Count. First Team To 50 Wins The Raid, And No It Is Possible To Open The Gate As A Defender You Must Use The Tunnel Built In The Wall To Open The Fence. The Gui Is A Free Model Script Roblox Night Wing is Shadow Corp
Viper coalition Space station (50%done)

Visited 149 times (0 last week)
Viper coalition Space station (50%done)
space station for training and meetings
fight in a hotel

Visited 232 times (0 last week)
fight in a hotel
this is war totaly this is crazy bring some gears
Shadow Corp Recruitment center

Visited 980 times (0 last week)
Shadow Corp Recruitment center
tried to make it as little lag as i could. come here to hear other robloxians experiances and join
Shadow Corp Meeting Center

Visited 20 times (0 last week)
Shadow Corp Meeting Center
This Place Is Used For Meeting Briefings And I Will Put Teleporters To Enemy Bases In During Wars


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