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In Flames
In Flames
I have quit Roblox, but I had a great time while it lasted.
I joined Roblox on April 15th, 2008

Add me on Steam if you must:
I no longer update my games
I rarely check in from time to time
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Shadow Plague
Solar Pirates


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Active Places

[SW611] Escape Jail Obby

Visited 249,881 times (165 last week)
[SW611] Escape Jail Obby
The Original:
[SW611] Escape Jail Obby Classic

Visited 2,945 times (3 last week)
[SW611] Escape Jail Obby Classic
The original Escape Jail Obby
[SW611] Escape The Video Game V.2

Visited 20,672 times (71 last week)
[SW611] Escape The Video Game V.2
This is my remake of one of my favorite games from 2008, Escape The Video Game. It was shut down due to the original creator losing his Builder's Club, so I decided to re-create it with my own building skills, and make this one. It was a great classic, and many people enjoyed it, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did when I played it in 2008! Have fun!
[SW611] Break Out Of School

Visited 51,588 times (38 last week)
[SW611] Break Out Of School
Sitting in the classroom, doing all of your work- you can feel your teacher's cold gaze from across the room as they exit for lunch break. The kid in front of you whispers that there has been a breach in the school's sewers! Now escape!
[SW611] Sword Fight In Twilight

Visited 38 times (0 last week)
[SW611] Sword Fight In Twilight
This is the place I made in early 08.


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