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●▂▂● The time has come for me to wear the quit shirt▓▒▒▒LOADING
Ok hi I'm now gonna tell u why to not abuse guests below. All by me
Śee that guest in chat u called noob?
He works for roblox and is checking the games
See that guest who is struggling the obby
He made a account and has obc
See that guest u just killed?
He started roblox
See that guest who killed u in a PVP match
U gave him his first kill and he is happy
Still hate noobs?
I'll fix u
Post this on your blurb if ur against guest being referred as "Noob"
(In the mean way) May accept friend requests if you have a good reason as to why you want to add me :| !!!!!!!!!
-haters are motivaters-Gracefulgraser10
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origanal bloxxers payback
bloxxer vs bloxxer join halfjal2002s group for vip if u wear one bloxxer shirt tell me ill give u some robux (bc members only)


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