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Hallo, My name is SkyDoesMinecraft.
Well, I'm not the real SkyDoesMinecraft. Im not one of those idiots that impersonate him. c:
Side note, Nobody on roblox is actually sky. Stop getting fooled by them!
Note I am not a 'Sky Fan Boy' so stop calling me that.
I am a brony. My favorite pony is Fluttershy :3
I hate What Does The Fox Say. Worst song in existance.

If you have my name on your profile I may follow you or send you a message.
I very rarely send a friend request.

I will not reply to EVERY single message i get but I will read it.
If you hate me then don't bother sending me a message or whatever.

I'm 7.8 of 10 stars on Lua.

I will script things for you depending on what it is.
I will however not script you an entire game.
(Sorry if i turn you down. I just have many things on my hands)

I don't give out admin or vip in my game. If you do however ask I may ban you from the game for being stupid and asking.

burn pie
love pi
caik is truth
pie is lie

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SkyDoesMinecraft's Majestic Budder Place! FREE VIP

Visited 86,947 times (402 last week)
SkyDoesMinecraft's Majestic Budder Place! FREE VIP
Free vip for a short time! So why the new textures? Well blame minecraft is all I can say. Sorry. If you make a video here and upload it to youtube then feel free to put the text "Machoness" in the description of your video and i may view it! :D Moderator(s): Skullcrusher5632, tubby4567, 23920132, MegaRoCraft, Theultimate9, Imreallyimimgana, Spencerhsinger. PA Moderator(s): tubby4567, WTRBBuildingAccount, HugeValveFan, Therapboi, UrBlock OA Moderator(s): lucarioaura213. Co-Owner(s) Montanaontario, Montanaontario2392, Machoness. --PLAYER COMMANDS-- soda pls home reset save/ or /save (saves your spot) reset/ or /reset (resets your spot) warp/ or /warp (teleports to spot) RULES: Please read them. This game does have chatvoice. But take note the chatvoice is edited and has some of the sounds that don't make sence REMOVED.

Visited 1,224 times (24 last week)
Thank you Machoness for drawing the game thumbnail! Currently in this game I have added: -Tree cutting -Ore mining -Fishing -Gold currency -Quests -Intro Screen -Sprinting and Stamina I'm planning to add much more as well. :D NOTE: Things that I have planned will be worked on from top to bottom. Here's what I have planned: TOS (20%) Farming (0%) Potions (0%) Inventory (0%) Crafting (0%) NPC Villages (0%) --which just have quests Hostile enemys (0%) PVP (0%)
Click Da Cows

Visited 975 times (41 last week)
Click Da Cows
the only game where you click cows. ------------------------------------------------- 1 million total clicks = DONE 2 million total clicks = DONE :D new goal = 3 million total clicks!
~Tails Doll I~

Visited 3,966 times (261 last week)
~Tails Doll I~
NOTE: If you are recording this game with the roblox screen capture. Stop recording when the credits go blank otherwise roblox will crash and you won't beable to come back and record again. This game is scary and not really ment to be played if you don't like scary things. Game includes: Pop ups, Can you feel the sunshine music, Flashing lights, Jump scares. And once you reach the end... You can never play this game again.. (UNLESS YOU GO ON AN ALT ACCOUNT :D) You have been warned. THIS GAME IS MENT TO BE PLAYED IN MAXIMIZED SCREEN SIZE OR FULL SCREEN. Any smaller screen sizes will glitch with the credits ( i can't fix it, blame roblox. ) MESSAGE TO BETA TESTERS: Because you beta tested you can keep visiting the game when ever you please. Use WAD to move or arrow keys. You cannot move backwards that's why there is no S :3 Yes i know the thumbnail says 'Can you fell the sunshine' but u kno wat. yolo
~Tails Doll II~

Visited 2,212 times (303 last week)
~Tails Doll II~
NOTE: If you are recording this game with the roblox screen capture. Stop recording when the credits go blank otherwise roblox will crash and you will lose the footage. Yes, you can play this game more than once on any account, only because I think people would really want to re-play this. If you encounter ANY bugs during gameplay please PM me what the bug was and what happend during the bug. So just like the first version of the game, This game includes: Flashing lights Scary images and scary gameplay. You are suggested not to enter if you have epilepsy. I tried to make this game a small bit longer than the first one. TIP: Walking up to certain objects can trigger things. *Please do NOT post spoilers in the comments!*


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