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Hi guys! Im betterMinecrafters.
Follow me at twitter! #BetterMCrafters
My youtube account is BetterMinecraftersRBX.
Feel free to add me. :D So ya. I will change my username As soon as when i get OBC. I Will be getting OBC Soon.
You can talk to me with these language
My current projects
-Insane murder
-Marble ride

Im the proud owner of RoApple tycoon!
alleycat65 is my alt. Only my alts will have RoApple tycoon.

[::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::] 100% Loaded!
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Active Places

RoApple Tycoon [RoBlock Studios]

Visited 1,312 times (58 last week)
RoApple Tycoon [RoBlock Studios]
NOTE: The Old RoApple Tycoon 1 story tycoon have been used in my city of robloxia. Visit it today C; In my profile. Game made by BetterMinecrafters/RoBlock Studios. Game chat broke so ill use the bubble chats only. Welcome to RoApple tycoon! The Only RoApple Tycoon with 2 story. If you see anyone with this game.. Its a copy! Only my alt should have it. My alt is alleycat65. As there are vip rooms... I would not allow noclipping! If caught... You will be banned from my game. 7K Of playerpoints in this game! So earn it now before its earned by the visitors! 26/6/2014 Is a special day for this game when most of the players earned PP. Lists of events that will happen ([X] - Not hosted yet) ([V] - Hosted) October 31 - Halloween [X] October 28 - The 1st year celebration! [X] December 25 - Christmas! [X] December 31 - The final countdown [X] January 1 After midnight - HAPPY 2015! [X] Remember to attend theses events for special prizes
Acid Escape!

Visited 20 times (2 last week)
Acid Escape!
The kidnapping of Santa Claus 65% done

Visited 125 times (0 last week)
The kidnapping of Santa Claus 65% done
Oh no! Santa was kidnapped! The elfs recieved a call from the kidnapper! The kidnapper wants money to redeem Santa! Hurry up! Its going to be christmas soon!!! Can you save the day and save Santa? There is 10 more hours to go! Otherwise... Santa is doomed. This game will close after christmas. This game will be fully released at 2014 Christmas This game is now open beta. Sorry guys. My internet had some problems thats why i cannot release at 2013. Please forgive me.
Model testing place

Visited 9 times (0 last week)
Model testing place
Haunted Hotel Halloween

Visited 0 times (0 last week)
Haunted Hotel Halloween
Releasing it during Halloween! WARNING: Contains Pop ups. I warned you. Enter at your own risk. Btw, Each time you complete a mission. You need to buy the gamepass at the end. And Guess what? For normal levels It costs 1 robux. For easy levels. It costs 5 tix. For boss levels... 5 robux. And for the last 5 boss costs 10 robux. These money will be used for player points. If we reach 10k Player points. We might even give out PP.
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