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Hi guys! Im betterMinecrafters.
Follow me at twitter! #BetterMCrafters
My youtube account is yeochenxiROBLOX. Now formally known as yeochenxiRCM.
Feel free to add me. :D So ya. I will change my username As soon as when i get OBC. I Will be getting OBC Soon.
You can talk to me with these language
My current projects
-Icy city [Maple field]
-RoApple tycoon

[::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::] 100% Loaded!
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The Elite Union.
Wassabi clan!
We Like MrChubbs!


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RoApple Tycoon Final Update

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RoApple Tycoon Final Update
Welcome to RoApple Tycoon! This is formally known as Apple tycoon. To give a name that is related to ROBLOX. ill name it RoApple Tycoon. Hackers will result into a perm ban. Dont worry. I Dont ban. The script in the game does. I have stopped updating as this might be the final update. I will never ever put paid access to ruin this game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Decals are provided by me. And Apple. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Admins? Only me. If you want to clarify if that temp admin is really an admin. Pls msg me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags:Badge,Tycoon,Free,VIP,Admin,Build,Uncopylock, Minecraft,Mansion,House,Obby,Tycoon,Badge,Waterslide,Cash,Car,Dynamic,Epic,Uncopylock,Free,Build,Robux,Tix,Cool,Awesome,Roblox,Copylock,No Scam,VIP,RS,Awesome,1million,Hack,Hax,Cheat,Epic,Creeper,pop,Slenderman,BetterMinecrafters,New,Upd
Acid Escape!

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Acid Escape!
ROBLOX : Doge City [WIP]

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ROBLOX : Doge City [WIP]
What if Everything In ROBLOX Are DOGS? What will happen??? Play this to find out...
Price: 1000
Buy Access Buy Access
Model testing place

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Model testing place


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