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Grey Vice
Grey Vice
Hello! I'm Ben81202. I make games but they aren't good, but I somewhat know how to build. I can't script at all, but everything else is good. I have a lot of KOS but I have more wipeouts, but that includes resetting, and survival games, and other games you can't even guess. I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be playing Roblox all summer vacation (ends August 12 at 11:59 PM) until summer ends, then when school starts, I will always keep playing Roblox, but I will only be on after school, almost all day on weekends. Thanks to me for keeping my grades in school up (from f's and d's to just a's and b's) I can finally do that! So then I guess that's it, have fun, play games online with me, trade with me, and send me parties and/or messages!
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Welcome to my profile!

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Welcome to my profile!
Hello There!
Price: 25
Buy Access Buy Access
Mah place for anyone

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Mah place for anyone
Its back! :3
Rp for my friends Only

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Rp for my friends Only
Only friends can handle this.
City Of Calburg

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City Of Calburg
This city took a whole day to make this, yet it is only the first update... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the City Of Calburg! This city is small but it only takes one person to explore the city, 2 people for a roleplay, and a group of people for a neighborhood party! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.1: The Moving In Update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gamepasses are now out! They do nothing, but are extremely cheap and mean that you want me to stop being lazy and build more. That means more updates! Yay? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't see anything good in an update? Comment or send me a message saying what you want me to add. Sorry, no GUIs,Leaderboards, Or Scripts will be added. This is just a brick to brick game. Only bricks and decals!
Gray Vice Hangout

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Gray Vice Hangout
This is the gray vice hangout. It is used for meetings, parties, and just for fun. Every clan member is an admin. Every member is a member, and anyone else is a visitor!


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