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Retexture Artist, Builder, Scripter, LMaD'er, Proud member of RAOC, Proud member of Project Voxel, Mentor in RA, Owner of Red Banded Top Hat, 1 of 2 winners of the 7D ROBLOX Game Contest, and Creator of Roblox Snowboarding

Published Retextures:
Happy Spring Time Flower Top Hat
Hooded Cloak of the Astral Isles
Wings of Freedom

I helped make Snowblox for the Official BLOXY Winning Roblox Winter Games.
Everyone that worked on Snowblox was.
Merely, masterbeyblade21, Simoon68, Godsend, and Iciness

2nd Place in RA Collab contest

I have made it in the blog Twice.

Have a good day.
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*Elite Sword Fighters of roblox.*
Bug Squashers
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JackintheBlox's Super Shallow Self-Made Fan Club
Kryptonik [Official]
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Active Places

Roblox Snowboarding (New Gamepasses)

Visited 36,026 times (220 last week)
Roblox Snowboarding (New Gamepasses)
This is a Snowboarding game. You can Free Ride, Race with friends, Earn all 7 badges, Collect Points, and Buy all 8 Gamepasses. There are 7 badges you can win at this game. There are 8 gamepasses at the moment. The "Tips" gamepass is 5 Robux and 10 tix all the funds from it go for ads so people can keep finding this game. The "Festive Ro-Ped" Game Pass gives you Festive Ro-Ped in game. The "Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard +15 Speed" Game Pass gives you Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard that has 15 Extra speed compared to the reg board in game. The "Hang Glider" Gamepass gives you a Hang Glider in game Most get a blue hang glider but a small 1% get the orange one. The "Plank Board" Gamepass gives you a Plank board that is 5 Miles Per hour faster then reg board and has a 1 sec longer speed boost. The "Ro-Torcycle" gamepass gives you Ro-Torcycle in game. The "Epic Duck Roped' gamepass gives you Epic Duck Roped in game. The "Classic Plane" gamepass gives you Classic Plane.
Castle Work in Progress

Visited 502 times (2 last week)
Castle Work in Progress
7D's Ruby Mine

Visited 449 times (42 last week)
7D's Ruby Mine
1 of 2 winners for the 7D Roblox game contest. skip to 1:09:33
masterbeyblade21's Fav Retextures

Visited 65 times (1 last week)
masterbeyblade21's Fav Retextures
Swordfight for fun

Visited 3,413 times (6 last week)
Swordfight for fun
A free for all swordfighting tournament that changes maps every 4 mins. All very diffrent come at fight.
The Storm (Being Built) ( Read Desc) (FIXED)

Visited 384 times (2 last week)
The Storm (Being Built) ( Read Desc) (FIXED)
Buy at your own risk this game is 3.5% Done it still has a lot of work to be done so you may not enjoy it as much as if it was fully done. People who buy access will get a in-game prize when the game is done. This game will be free when it is done. To get your prize when the game is done make sure you join the game to get your badge if you do not have the badge when the game is done you will not be able to get your in-game prize.
Price: 25
Buy Access Buy Access
Coming soon

Visited 248 times (9 last week)
Coming soon
Power Up Sword Fight (Beta V 0.5.1)

Visited 1,091 times (5 last week)
Power Up Sword Fight (Beta V 0.5.1)
Dual Party Sword VIP Speed Sword VIP Health Sword VIP Gravity Sword VIP Flight Sword VIP Doge Sword VIP
Snowball Fight in a Christmas Town Updated

Visited 661 times (6 last week)
Snowball Fight in a Christmas Town  Updated
Note: Even if no one is in the server you can explore and find different things the map is pretty big it is fun to look around. The game is now done. There are over 200 spawns. House's, Forest, and Hockey Rings. Snowball fight with your friends in a Christmas Town get the Christmas Spirit flowing. This is more then a fighting game it is also a exploring game.
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