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WELL HERROH DERE STALKER! Hm. What shall we start out with? Oh yeah! Feel free to copy my outfits! They're crap anyways. Heh. Okay, NOW my chart on things in good at!

Gun Fighting: 5/10
Sword Fighting: 9/10
IG Driving: 1/10
Roleplay: OVER 9000!

Okay now things about me! People tend to just read the bottom of this so message me "Ima Stalker" if you actually read this xD OKAY so, I like coooooookies, In the Super Duper Cookie Lover group, NOT a veg, Not proud of it though. But if you become a veg, its like, No. People are still going to kill animals for their meat! Some people even say: "Yay I like people becoming vegitarians, more meat for us!!!" xD Yeah its sad. But btw my BESTTTT FRIENDSSSS are: Silverultizer, funkylucas (Even though he ignores me. Dx) , annnnddd... Idk who else. PEOPLE IK IRL: sk8er122. She is my cousin! Yes, I know, She can get annoying / immature.
frogy424. She is in my school! She cannot log on much, though. But she's my BESTTT FRIEND
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