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Air Warriors of Justice
Air Warriors of Justice
*incoming message*
Hey guys, updated blurb on February 26, 2014. I might begin the path to quitting ROBLOX, as in trading away all of my limited's. Please,please PLEASE don't fill up my inbox with messages about this, if u do so, do not a expect a all of my friends out there, it been a good run, i think i should quit now because there's not much to do, since i basically bought every non-expensive item, and some expensive ones. All of my friends in real life i will still hang around, the friends that i made in ROBLOX will probably be forgotten, to any of my close friends on roblox who i have not met in person and still want to keep in touch with me, i have an email or Skype. i can't tell you the email or Skype address in my blurb, because it might fall into the wrong hands. As i am typing this, i am reading that my membership expires in august. until then, i will most likely be online at roblox, but at the end of august i'm quitting. all of my friends don't have to worry, you
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Air Warriors of Justice
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The Simpsons obby!

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The Simpsons obby!
Air Warriors of Justice H.Q and Raid defense fort

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Air Warriors of Justice H.Q and Raid defense fort
Here is where AWJ meets, Defends from raids, Have meetings, and usually patrol. (Posted by: SeemlyMastergod1, proud owner.)
Mansions of revolution

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Mansions of revolution
just my testing place for my new gear, and and a giant mansion + dance floor and boat. also private mansion for owner and friends. You can come here to test your gear too. enjoy, SeemlyMastergod1

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I Thank you all Soliders for coming to Train!

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personal server
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