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If you have a problem with me for being an American or just in general, PM me & we'll talk about it.
I am 25% Hylian, 25% Dwarf, 25% Robloxian, & the rest is unknown. Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm a quarter Puerto Rican & Italian. I also have some Irish & German blood.
I'm a level 33 on clockwork's calculator.
Please stop Online Dating; there are far too many children on this website for you to be doing that stuff. Plus, it's just annoying. :/
I will never understand Bronies...
Some of my favorite songs include: Carmel Dancing(Don't ask why), Falling Down(By Atreyu, not Selena Gomez), Headstrong, Monster, Dead Man Walking, & Hero. My favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Go Here: It's a treasured place from 2008 that deserves to be remembered. If you're going to get Builder's Club, use this code, because both of us will receive a 50 Robux bonus: 45-099-107
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You will not BELIEVE how frustrating it is to build a decent pagoda.


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