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I am better than you
I am better than you
Sometimes I try making things here on ROBLOX but they never get finished.
Sometimes I wish I could finish things.
"I am not a resolved person." -Rin Tezuka, objectively best character in KS (and if you don't think so your opinion is wrong)
And I lack to resolve to become more resolved so that I may finish things.

Hopefully I can get better at finishing stuff, though, because I have some projects in mind:
-Project Double, a collab with Pollopollop, making a game in which people build dungeons and have others attempt to run through them
-Havoc, a twin-stick multiplayer shooter featuring lots of crazy weapons and lots of passives to make them crazier
-A completely new map for Blacklight, as the current one isn't very good

Here's a few other places you can find me:
Youtube: likeClockwork7
Steam: likeClockwork
Twitter: @likeClockwork7
Mojang: epiclinkfan101
kncrp.freeforums: mjemje
Katawa Shoujo The New Generation: Sora Kimura
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I am better than you
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A Brickbattle map based around our new dynamic lighting. Much of the map is in pitch darkness, but all of your tools produce light, and the Lightmaker is especially good at it. The very center of the map will spawn rare versions of every tool but the Trowel every time it regenerates. (Everything regenerates every 5 minutes.)
Havoc Development

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Havoc Development
Multiplayer twin-stick shooter in the making


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