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The Burds
The Burds
Foolish EWWMANS.

This world is asleep, WAGHuhhm!
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Emu fan club!
Federation of Manly Toughness
Fruit Lovers :]
Hab studios
Hab Studios SubGroup: Builders
Legoseed Army
Mickey mouse clubhouse
No Fun Allowed
No I'm dirty dan
Restore ROBLOX Campaign
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Be afraid
The BURD test version 2.0

Visited 79 times (18 last week)
The BURD test version 2.0
Only a true BURD shall succeed, WAGHuhhm! This test has become too hard to pass because of ROBLOX's updates, so I'm modifying it. It will still be hard, just in a different way...
Gear test

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Gear test
no more wasting money
Burd Builders

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Burd Builders
If your in the group, build. Deleters will be banned, if caught.
Visit Steve on the moon!

Visited 12 times (1 last week)
Visit Steve on the moon!
Type "kick [player name]" to vote to kick an abusive player. Steve is lonely, go and talk to him. Yes the game is free models, I made it for my own amusement.


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