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Send an FR if you want! :)

dylanbuider is my Main account, PM him and whatever there.

I like to store smaller projects here.
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Active Places

The Fortune Teller - Fun with Friends!

Visited 87,677 times (648 last week)
 The Fortune Teller - Fun with Friends!
[BC expired, no badges until I get it back, sorry!] Newer Updates: 1000 ? Badge, Rekt Badge, New/Improved Responses, other stuff. Working on a system to handle Spammers that will come soon. Heyo there! Gather some friends, and proceed to ask the magical orb your deepest thoughts! (Note: Stick with yes/no questions for more reasonable answers, and do not come here if you are a sensitive person, the orb can be mean and hurt your feelings!)
╚╗ Pipe Riding ORIGINAL ╔╝ [Read description.]

Visited 308,406 times (167 last week)
╚╗ Pipe Riding ORIGINAL ╔╝  [Read description.]
**Free again for ol' times sake, take a copy! (Give credit though)** Story: This was the first pipe-riding based place ever on Roblox, which I made in March of 2009. It rose to popularity the first day I was building it, and it wasn't even stayed on the first page for almost a month and accumalated over 150K visits and 12K favorites, which was almost a record back then. I have always loved this place, and I give credit to zipperipper who made the pipes originally. I was just the first person to make a game like this, which I un-copylocked in 2010/11, which was widely copied and used, and it is now back up for grabs. I made the pipes/kit a model in the catalog, and they have become very popular. [ JC: 142 ]
Jungle Cartride [original]

Visited 478 times (2 last week)
Jungle Cartride [original]
Another famous game from years ago I made on this alt too... memmories brought back.. too bad alot of the meshes don't appear anymore and the xlegox's carts tend to break most of the time.
Classic Brickbattle: Diamond Arena (old spawn fix)

Visited 540 times (4 last week)
Classic Brickbattle: Diamond Arena (old spawn fix)
Old. Fun. This requires a level of skill when using explosives o.o
Username Generator [V-1.3]

Visited 1,400 times (28 last week)
Username Generator [V-1.3]
< Version 1.3 >> Algorithm is much more complex making generations much more intricit and also quite smoother. Added a consonant density option and hint that displays who has generated what for fun. Want a cool (or crazy), probably untaken username for your account or secret alt? Try this.. although I can't say they will always make sense! If you take a username with this feel free to give it a thumbs up and post it in the comments! **ToDo: Add a way to check if a username exists yet or not
LMaD Giveaway Obby!

Visited 734 times (2 last week)
LMaD Giveaway Obby!

Visited 81 times (0 last week)


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