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DarkAge Ninja's Empire
DarkAge Ninja's Empire
LabRabbit 2014
First off. My YouTube is 2colt4.
I am in the fourteenth year of my life. I want to become a preacher one day. So far, I love making camp games. I have nine limiteds serial #321. I don't search for them anymore but if you have one I will still offer on it.
New news: I am working on a new youtube video starring me and my friend 2teetertotter4; I am just now getting used to my braces; I have bad news too though, my computer broke completely so I will not be playing games or building any for a long time;

Fourteen famous robloxians took and liked (or favorited) my drawings. Such as Kensai666, peaspod, Seranok, Stickmasterluke, Merely etc. (pm me if you want to know all of them).

(Updated 4/9/2014)
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DarkAge Ninja's Empire
Labrabbit is awesome at sketching people!
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Active Places

Camp Ranchinsee (GRAND RE-OPENING)

Visited 217 times (1 last week)
Camp Ranchinsee (GRAND RE-OPENING)
Just go play around :P
Camp Whiiler

Visited 134 times (0 last week)
Camp Whiiler
WANT TO HAVE A WHOLE LOT OF FUN? FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU GET INTO GAME: Click 'Esc' on your keyboard; Click 'Game Settings' with your mouse; Uncheck 'Auto' on 'Graphic Qualities'; Put it on the highest it goes. It makes the graphics way better and the campfire actually have fire and the trees and building's quality is great! ToughSkyshooter1 made one of the cabins and 1/4 of the abandoned cabin. Thanks for your help :)
Camp Deffenbaugh 2014 (NEW CAMP!)

Visited 1 times (0 last week)
Camp Deffenbaugh 2014 (NEW CAMP!)
Started Working on: 4/1/2014 Message me names you can think of for the new camp to win stuff. Price until further notice. Don't buy it though. It is just so people can't get in yet.
Price: 123
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