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The Hunter = Closed (Lock down)
177 Gaming Productions HQ = Open
Battle Of The Droids = Closed (Lock down)

177 Gaming Productions HQ = Enabled
The Hunter = Disabled
Battle Of The Droids = Disabled

= Lock Down=
User Lock Down = OFF
Game Lock Down = ON

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177 Gaming Productions
177 Gaming Productions Security Team
3799 Film Productions
All Things Roblox Forum Users
Anomaly Research Centre
Digimon Master
Digimon Masters Rebirth
Eastern Air
LABx Clan
Restron Empire
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Friends: 143
Forum Posts: 2,390
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Knockouts: 4,245
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

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Active Places

177 Gaming Productions HQ V2 [100% Fixed]

Visited 51 times (5 last week)
177 Gaming Productions HQ V2 [100% Fixed]
Whats new: 2.2 I added a lockdown Replaced the self destruct button with a code pad (NOW FIXED) TRAILER:
Battle Of The Droids [BETA]

Visited 251 times (0 last week)
Battle Of The Droids [BETA]
NOTICE: ROBLOX broke the gear even more and it won't load so game is unplayable but feel free to look around
The Hunter [BETA]

Visited 13 times (1 last week)
The Hunter [BETA]
The Hunter is now OPEN in its BETA stage play now! The Hunter This game takes place in a dark green fogged room You are a FBI Agent or a Hunter. Your job as The FBI / The Hunter is to kill The Hunter / The FBI (The other team) Coming Soon: A shop to buy better swords (Iron Sword is a temp sword will not be used in final game) A better map (NOT FINAL) -- 177 Gaming Productions --
YourBlox-News Studios

Visited 6 times (0 last week)
YourBlox-News Studios
Price: 50
Buy Access Buy Access

Visited 28 times (0 last week)
For a live stream coming up in about a month
Build at blox city

Visited 78 times (0 last week)
Build at blox city
171 Admin: Moderator:
Stage Map

Visited 1 times (0 last week)
Stage Map


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