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Hello, I am budpup67,
-I made game son here for a while, and i stopped once i started to play M.i.n.e.c.r.a.f.t I have a server it is FTB Direwolf20 1.4.7
-I DO NOT accept friend request unless you meet these requirements:
1) Are Builders Club
2) Can send me 2,000 Robux
- I was the owner of HAWK and ACE, and after i left, they died.
- I have been gone from Roblox 2 years and counting (I send my Robux to a friend of mine)
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 Assault Command Empire
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✪Armored Ship Battle✪ Fan Club
2013 I'LL be there
Anti scammers association
B.O.R. Investments
Bank of Robloxia
BNL Labs Group
Bring Back User Meshes!
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Active Places

ACE Promotion center

Visited 205 times (0 last week)
ACE Promotion center
HRs And Councel have admin and they will judge if you get a promotion or not (Cutting in line removes you from being able to get a promotion)
HAWK--Fort Just

Visited 314 times (0 last week)
HAWK--Fort Just
-Unraidable- we hold the plan meetings here and we will kill anyone whjo is not Hard assult wasp attack you can get in but you need 8 people using teamwork to do it making it unraidable
Auction/Trading place

Visited 22 times (0 last week)
Auction/Trading place
come here to sell items BC room and NBC room NBC is trading BC is selling
My house

Visited 29 times (0 last week)
My house
Orginal crator my other account BAMCGuy
Hawk--Fort Shattered--RETIRED

Visited 91 times (0 last week)
Hawk--Fort Shattered--RETIRED
Fort Shattered is named after my best friend and co-owner of my old group Ro-Warriors. we converted this to fit HAWKs style and is has heavy defences which include auto turrents, Bombers,and ATG missles fitted to fighters. It is however raidable.


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