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ROBLOX hotline got me 50,000 R$, search up ROBLOXHotlineCatalog, then send him a PM of what you want.

"I hate death, but i am not afraid of it." - Eendo

No i wont do anything with your friend request, stop bothering me

Q: HOW DO YOU DO THE INVISIBLE GLITCH!?!? A: I don't know, i put on one of my outfits, then i looked like this.

I am not going to play any games, i come online to check MBOR and go onto the forums.

Do not chat with me or talk about my games, i am not updating them, nor will i make them active again.

I will accept NO trades, none.

I may change my name, but only to Eendo, instead of eendo.

Yeah that's basically it, if i'm famous, tell me, i won't notice

Bye, i have a $kype but i only use that for talking to Fair, NX, Super, and wish.
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You're in a coma, this is your dream
Horror Map (12%)

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Horror Map (12%)
Probably not going to finish this anytime soon. Please do not complain that this is scary (It's not even that scary at all, well, there is 1 jumpscare but idc) because it's not my fault f you can't sleep, enter at your own risk, or don't, i don't really care.
InterBLOX Chatroom #1

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InterBLOX Chatroom #1
Now, to really weird out people, the server limit is 30 people O_O ~The server may break and go into an infinite lop of 'Connecting...'~ ~At this time just reset the server by exiting and coming back.~ Say startchat to start a chat. Say endchat to end a chat. Say # after a message if you don't want a stranger to see it. I am not responsible for what you see on the internet; Enter at your own risk. If somebody asks to exchange nud es then do not say yes, for it is highly illegal and you may go to jail, just say no and disconnect. Sorry for OD'ers or perverts, it's not my problem

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BTOF200ROA = Beat The Obby For 200 R0 Or Admin This is my answer you your question: dfighbeg;g mfib fv of Updates: THE 3 DAY UPDATE IS HERE!!! HUGE UPDATES: -Cleaned Server -Fixed Impossible Places -Made A Message Script -Made an ENTIRELY new winners place -Fixed Bugs And finally, what ALL of you have begged me for: -I HAVE ADDED CHECKPOINTS!!!! (Still a bit buggy, will get fixed) ADMINS ARE STRICT! Rules 1. Follow all the roblox rules (ban if not followed) 2.No hat dropping (This does include eggs) (kick if not followed, second time ban) 3.Be nice (kick if not followed) 4. NO ADVERTISING (This results in a personal server ban as well as an admin ban!) 5. Have fun! (nothing if not followed, your choice to suffer or not.) This is just a game so don't ragequit Suggestions:

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Thank you to everybody who donated, i will use this money for game development NOTE: There is nothing in the game, but by buying access you donate 2R$ to me, for every donation i will work a total of 6 hours on one game
Price: 25
Buy Access Buy Access


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