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[BG]  Republic of  Bulgaria
[BG] Republic of Bulgaria
I joined roblox in the end of 2008 and now im busy working on a few projects.
I am a big fan of the GTA Series and im currently developing - GTA SA!
I am a skilled builder but not the best scripter.
I am a good friend.
I do forget alot, so if i dont remember you just remind me!
If you have qustions about my games feel free to PM me!
I also like horror games.
-Behind every great piece of art is a thousand failed attempts to make it!
-Success never comes looking for you while you wait around thinking about it!
Other Details:
-I Will not join your clans.
-I Will not donate.
-I Will not share content of my games with you.
---AND I DO NOT OD!---
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[BG]  Republic of  Bulgaria
Blox Development Studios
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Active Places

Fall Down a 1,000,000 Stud Hole - Admin! (FIXED)

Visited 528,471 times (3,854 last week)
Fall Down a 1,000,000 Stud Hole - Admin! (FIXED)
Yes, i fixed it! :P This is the biggest hole in robloxia! This will be your longest fall of your life in roblox! Shutdown means UPDATE! This place has been made in 2010 and has been on the front page alot of times so yea it has some history! I thank Mazen330 for most of the cars! It is possible that something broke in it! How will you survive? You have different tools for survival! A parachute! You don't like it? Use your own gears to survive! If you win you are epic and crazy! Almost all bugs are fixed! If you encounter any bugs PM me! :D Tags: Minecraft ~ ROBLOX ~ Tycoon ~ Obby ~ Building ~ Horror ~ Town and City ~ Military ~ Comedy ~ Medieval ~ Adventure ~ Sci-Fi ~ Naval ~ FPS ~ RPG ~ Sports ~ Fighting ~ Western ~ Call of Duty ~ Black Ops 2 ~ Black Ops ~ Modern Warfare ~ Modern Warfare 3 ~ World at War ~ GTA ~ Build to Survive ~ Survive the Disasters ~ Catalog Heaven ~ Paintball ~ Base Wars ~ Pokemon ~ Freeze Tag ~ Hide and Seek ~ DriveBlox Unlimited ~ Need for
The City of Brookfield Roleplay™ V0.0.2

Visited 172 times (11 last week)
The City of Brookfield Roleplay™ V0.0.2
This is planned to be a big roleplaying map where you get a job, work or be a cop and chase criminals!
Sword Fights On The Heights 2006 Version

Visited 369 times (6 last week)
Sword Fights On The Heights 2006 Version
Welcome to 2006 Sword Fight On The Heights! Remember when there was no Lag,Noobs,Guests? Remember the Old Studs? Anti Guest Script! Place Tested 0% Bugs! I give a credit To Telamon For the Map!!! Have Fun to Bloxx Players :P
►Build to Survive a ۩ High Speed Tsunami◄

Visited 822 times (13 last week)
►Build to Survive a ۩ High Speed Tsunami◄
Survive the high speed tsunami at a mannsion or build your own shield to avoid being crushed by the giant blocks of water V.I.P Coming soon!
Survive the Deadly Flight To The Hawaii Island!!!

Visited 1,074 times (20 last week)
Survive the Deadly Flight To The Hawaii Island!!!
Story:You are a normal person and you want to go on a vacation to the Hawaii Islands but then something goes wrong when you are about to land...the plane go strucked by a thunder storm you have only 2 choices To Die Or Survive Have Fun :3
Test Place 001

Visited 184 times (4 last week)
Test Place 001
Lion Head Robloxian Swimming Pool Hangout Beta

Visited 248 times (1 last week)
Lion Head Robloxian Swimming Pool Hangout Beta
No Lions were hurt during the making of this place! Note:This Place still isn't done, so it's beta version! I'm still adding stuff Fall Down a Hole will be on another place soon! Have Fun!
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-[WIP]

Visited 20,833 times (1,029 last week)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-[WIP]
Welcome into the realistic world of GTA! The game features almost all of the songs from the original soundtrack of the game. The 1st real GTA Game in roblox! Some of the NPC's are temporary disbled! Reason: Improvement! Construction commenced: 05-06-2013 Now with the new roblox materials and the new roblox part stream. This game is currently being heavily developed, and is far from being finished. Expect to see much more content added with each update! You may encounter slowdown, bugs, glitches or much worse :P If you see a problem PM me! There may be some messed up textures, that's going to be fixed later on! For Questions PM me! If you support this leave a like and fav :) Minimal System Requirements: Processor: Intel/Amd 1.80+ Ghz Memory: 1 GB Video Card: Atleast 256 Mb VRAM Recommended System Requirements: (Smooth Gameplay) Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.4Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz Memory: 3 GB Video Card: Atleast 1 GB VRAM
Build to Survive a High speed Tsunami III

Visited 135 times (11 last week)
Build to Survive a High speed Tsunami III
Just an update from the old classic place!


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