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Welcome to my profile
Here are some things about me:
- I am a Pixel Art maker -
- I am collecting "Brighteye's Pink Egg of Anticipation" -
- I am currently VALUE trading -
- My current RAP is moving between 3.8k - 4.0k -
- I donate. Yes, I am one of the few legit donators -
- The highest R$ I've ever had is 4k -
- I currently have 5 R$ and 2,066 Tix -
- I am Level 71 on Clockwork's Calculator -
- My favorite game is Medieval Warfare: Reforged -
csatari22 Scams. He stole my Red Grind Skateboard.

To the people that call me "Aertic" I just have one question. Where do you see a "t" in this username? Anyways, I am the maker of the map "Subway" in Taymaster's game "Traitor Trouble". I am beginning to enter paid Map Making, so if you want a Map made, PM me and give me details on what kind of map you want. The price depends on Size and Detail. My Noir Periastron is NFT unless you OP.
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Pixel Art

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Pixel Art
Thanks for 50 Visits guys! I'm glad to see people that enjoy the hard work I put into this place! To celebrate 50 Visits, I am taking 5 Requests. PM me your request, or meet with me In-Game! First 5 get their requests made! IF YOU LIKE MY WORK, PLEASE LEAVE A THUMBS-UP AND A COMMENT! Thank you. -Aeric Sorry for the Dis-Coloration in some areas. ROBLOX didn't have the correct colors. Current creations: -Lilligant -Mario Mushroom -Yoshi - Minecraft Gold (A.K.A "Budder") - Flappy Bird - GIR
Roblox Inn and Suites ©

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Roblox Inn and Suites  ©
Newest Updates: ------------------------------ -Added some Time Changing Scripts -Better, more advanced lighting -Added one of those fancy new Sky's c; -Fixing the glitch related to Users buying the Admin Game Pass and not receiving admin -Added VIP Morph room -50% Sale is now over ---------------------------------- *Admins* - Aeric2000 - LILPWNER212 -Twistedsquid -Konatawashere -------------------------------------------------------- This is Roblox Inn and Suites, a game that I spent more than a year putting together. Everything is by scratch, only 1 "Free Model" Used: Kohl's Admin Commands.

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.
Private Message Aeric2000 to request access.
Obby For Admin or 25 R$ [CHECKPOINT ADDED!!]

Visited 1,136 times (5 last week)
Obby For Admin or 25 R$ [CHECKPOINT ADDED!!]
Thumb Down if too hard for you Thumb up if you beat it --VIP-- --ADMIN-- This game is exactly what it says it is. This is ALSO my first obby
ROBLOX City Brickbattle [NEW PORTAL GUN]

Visited 29 times (3 last week)
ROBLOX City Brickbattle [NEW PORTAL GUN]
-Updates!- -Kills / Deaths now save! - Added 2 more Hidden weapons (Dual Rockets + Gold Rocket) - Added updated Rag Doll death (You keep clothes and hats upon death) - Portal Gun TP is now easier to find c: - Buildings now regen - Working on a shop GUI + Cash Leaderboard Stat.
ROBLOX Bowling [x3 Player Points!!!]

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ROBLOX Bowling [x3 Player Points!!!]
-- ADMINS -- - Aeric2000 -CoolguyTwizy -TheMadBloxxer2 -Niko1337 - Twistedsquid - LILPWNER212 If there is anyone in game that has admin and is not on this list, PM me immediately with his/her Username so I can ban them. To celebrate this game's 6000th visit, I have TRIPLED the amount of Player Points earned in game! --- NOTICE --- This game is A LOT better with friends. If you play alone, it wouldn't be that much fun! Bowling Balls do not cost real Robux. --- HOW TO GET STARTED --- 1. Enter the building. 2. To your right, enter the Shop. Stand in front of the counter. 3. A GUI-Based shop will open. 4. Pick your Ball of Choice. (You have 20 Ingame cash to start) 5. Walk over the the Bowling Alleys 6. Click while on the lane to throw. I advise throwing in FPV. 7. If the pins don't move, click the Black Screen to regen them. 8. You earn 1 In Game cash per 15 seconds. --- OTHER INFORMATION --- All credit to blXhd for the map.
Subway map for Taymaster

Visited 14 times (5 last week)
Subway map for Taymaster
Missknockout copied this.

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