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As of March 1st, 2014 I will not be hosting anymore events in Roblox. I joined Roblox in 2009 and had my first event here in 2010. Through the years I've had lots of fun and fought obstacles along the way. As the days went by I became older (still do) and therefore have decided to stop preforming events, that and I'm just so busy now-a-days. Every so often I'll log on and check on things, as well as make updates now and then to the WWE Universe. I thank all of you for support and BUCKLE UP!

I replicate WWE in Roblox. My goal is to have the most realistic WWE event in Roblox as possible. With the help of you I can make this goal a reality, join World Wrestling Entertainment on Roblox today!

1Rudy1 is my only alternative account, anyone else is just impersonating me...
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Go in at your own risk!
WWE Raw 2012

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WWE Raw 2012
WWE Monday Night Raw HD (Roblox) has returned from it's past rest. With now a brand new stadium! This new WWE Raw Stadium is proven to be one of the most realistic Stadiums in Roblox! Shows run and are recorded on Saturdays nights then are posted to Youtube on Monday nights. Thank you for coming and enjoy the show. Group:WWE Monday Night Raw HD (Roblox) Some of the models in this place are not mine. I give credit to those who built them and allowed users to use them. Please don't proclaim your rights to the model because I gave credit. Thank you. Special Thanks To: Zeke357 RobloxCoasterCompany (RCC) VealTheMeal bumblebee31 BravePhoenix PhoenixKing0617 They helped me a lot and I could have not done WWE Monday Night Raw (HD) Roblox without them, Thank you all very much.
WWE Raw 2010-2011

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WWE Raw 2010-2011
WWE Monday Night Roblox HD (Roblox) [WMNR] has made history in roblox. From it's first apperence in late 2009. WMNR has grew bigger and better. This was WMNR stadium through out 2010-2011. WMNR has now gotten bigger and more realistic, check out the new game at the main place!
WWE Raw Classic 2009-2010

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WWE Raw Classic 2009-2010
Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw Old. Old Raw where great times. This is where we did our shows back in 2009 and early 2010. We did our shows on Monday Nights. In the summer of 2010 we went HD and switched our groups too. Our old group was World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and now it's fan group. Today our group is called WWE Monday Night Raw (HD) Roblox. Our current place is the first one WWE Monday Night Raw HD. This place is modified so you can enter and see how it looked like. We will miss this place. Enjoy!


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