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If you act smug, I'll act confident.
"You know how it feels like, to get beaten, almost to death?... Peaceful, it was like I was floatin' away, and then I woke up again.."- Kenny.
"If I lose myself tonight, it'll be by your side." - OR.
My only ALT Account is ThisWasBravu, all others are fake.
Part of the Moon Lurkers, A.R.T.S War Squad and ARES Special Forces.
I mostly play with :
Fearburn, UmadbroV2, Ageofrage, Airmac, Aueres, TheGoatThatGotAway, phillip2xx.

Fearburn : Been his friend for like what, 4 to 6 months? Trust him all the way.

Eskimo789 : We don't talk much, but he was one of my first friends.

AgeOfRage : One of my main friends now, along with Fearburn.

I personally adore the Anadel songs, their Walking Dead music is great.
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Isaac's realm, known as " Sarcasm is life ".

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Isaac's realm, known as " Sarcasm is life ".
The hair was made by me k.


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