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The BC Club of Epicness
The BC Club of Epicness
Hey guys so I left Roblox and stuff but if you want to still play with me on the internet, get a steam account and look me up at bossjamesbond45, send me a friend request, and I will try to play with you. I might build a game on this account but I have no idea what I would build. That's it for me. See you guys on
steam. Oh and I will get on games on here from time to time but not very often.
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The BC Club of Epicness


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Idk what to call it yet
after the nukes hit READ DESC

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after the nukes hit READ DESC
wow. u finally made it to the deaserted town of...well lets just say the nukes got here before you. family, the whole lot...gone. now you and any other survivor must make it to civilization and get to the marine bace. good luck.(dont bother with the green thing at the bottom i am going to put lava on it as soon as roblox studio starts working again.)


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