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Slayer Fan Club
Slayer Fan Club
About me:
Name: Lilith/Lestat
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Religious Beliefs: Atheist
I am someone who enjoys pain (mas0chist) and who enjoys hurting others (sadist). Expect to be put down by me, I am very cruel and merciless. If I in any way feel threatened, you will be booted. Be warned when joking around towards me or "trolling" me, You will be taken seriously, no exceptions.
I feel that I am a mistake and shouldn't exist. I have not been happy for many years, If I smile then it's fake, guaranteed. I am a psychopath and a sociopath as well as insane, you will notice how odd I act and appear. I enjoy having the mind of a killer and a lunatic.

Proud owner of the Slayer Fan Club!

Status: Drowning in the usual depression.

FRs: 350

Made an LilithRoseRBLX :D
^ Ask me questions! I'll answer them!
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*Lovely Little Vampires* >:3
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♑ ∈Ж Welcome To My Profile Ж ♑

Visited 304 times (4 last week)
♑ ∈Ж Welcome To My Profile Ж  ♑
∈Ж ~ Proud Adept of Cult of Chubbs & Mall Cop of The Roblomall Crew. ~ Ж I made all models used in my games except for the older ones and I create ALL of my ads and clothing. My drawings are 100% Legit. Jared Valdez visited this game. No joke. I am an amateur graphic designer and clothing designer. Music i listen to: Mindless Self Indulgence, Gorgoroth, Enthroned, Creature Feature, Disturbed, Slipknot, Papa Roach, BOTDF, Jeffree Star, Scotty Vanity, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Marilyn Manson, Mushroomhead, Technikult of Flesh, Chaotica, Combichrist, Murderdolls, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Aesthetic Perfection, Skillet, KoRn, The Left Rights, Lord Vampyr, Thousand Foot Krutch, Voltaire, Slayer, Celldweller, Three Days Grace, Rob Zombie, and more!
Drawing Gallery

Visited 725 times (2 last week)
Drawing Gallery
Drawings, Comics, Anime drawings, Sketches, etc. And yes I know I edited a lot of snippets of my own character or I drew my character a lot but I will eventually draw others so don't think I'm stuck up or something because I am not. If you want to be drawn, I may make a shirt for you to buy in order for me to draw you. Don't forget to leave a comment and thumbs up my game! I created this back when I was an okay builder. I am going to add on and improve this place, expand it a lot and then advertise it. :D
Ro-torcycle and Hyperbike Race Track (Hallo-Cycle!

Visited 1,434 times (14 last week)
Ro-torcycle and Hyperbike Race Track (Hallo-Cycle!
UPDATED HALF PIPE! Want to try out Ro-torcycles, Hallo-Cycles and Hyperbikes before you buy them? Then try them out here! Also added both Ro-Peds. Favorite and Thumbs up this game if you like it. :D PM me on what else to add. There will be tons of updates. ~Added Skateboard Ramp. -Still fixing Blue Ro-Ped.
Warrior Cats Roleplay

Visited 354 times (12 last week)
Warrior Cats Roleplay
Working on scripts and models. Need to get done: * Prey * Herbs ------------------------ Would you please buy the gear on my game page. ~Thanks.~
My house

Visited 424 times (0 last week)
My house
Not my real house, Just my Roblox one. Going to be working on this a lot. -Just a side project til I get my Warriors game done.
Robloxian Graveyard

Visited 180 times (2 last week)
Robloxian Graveyard
My grave is in here. PM me if you want someone's grave on here. Thanks. R.I.P. TopEliter. ~EmoVamp~
My house #2

Visited 72 times (0 last week)
My house #2
My Roblox house with the mountains in the backyard.
LilithRose's Place Number: 55

Visited 0 times (0 last week)
LilithRose's Place Number: 55
LilithRose's Strategy Obby!

Visited 29 times (1 last week)
LilithRose's Strategy Obby!
Think you can beat it? Try it then! V.I.P. Soon.
CFramed Map For A Future Game (W.I.P.)

Visited 7 times (1 last week)
CFramed Map For A Future Game (W.I.P.)
This is a map that I am working on for a future game. :D
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