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I've stopped working on all my Warriors games now. I'm more interested in building detailed scenery and different environments rather than Warriors; I've grown out of it. Plus, college is more important to me right now and I honestly don't have time to do much on here anymore.
I'm not quitting just yet, so don't worry c: my old games will stay up.

~Went to London BLOXCon 2013~

"ℰṽℯяƴ яεṽøℓüтїøη ßεℊїηṧ ωїт♄ α ṧ℘αяк"
➸ Tʜᴇ Hᴜɴɢᴇʀ Gᴀᴍᴇs

"ᙖє ᙖяαṽё."
❧ Dɪᴠᴇʀɢᴇɴᴛ
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Active Places

New Project WIP. 'My Neighborhood'

Visited 3,888 times (51 last week)
New Project  WIP. 'My Neighborhood'
WIP. New Cframe project which is NOT involving Warriors again as I've stated in my bio. I'm making a full realistic version of my own neighborhood just because I can, with as much detail as possible.
Roblox Warrior Cats: Into The Wild Set

Visited 10,903 times (0 last week)
Roblox Warrior Cats: Into The Wild Set
*DO NOT ASK FOR ACCESS HERE. THE CAST IS FULL!* You can still join and support our group here!: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Filming times: None yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Only the cast and special raffle winners are able to enter the game. Want to see the stuff being made here? Go to my youtube account named: RobloxWarriorsMovie

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.
Private Message Mandaka to request access.
Dawnclan's New Territory SET

Visited 2,152 times (0 last week)
Dawnclan's New Territory SET
May open to public at one point, but for now I'm using it as -another- movie set which I am going to do at the same time as RWCM. Only, this time there won't be a group, auditions or anything. Only my closest friends will be helping me with this, since I don't need tons of people this time. So PLEASE, don't ask for access here!

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.
Private Message Mandaka to request access.
Warrior Cats~ NEW Lake Territory

Visited 3,991,296 times (13,015 last week)
Warrior Cats~ NEW Lake Territory
Warrior Cats is a book series by Erin Hunter. I strongly suggest you do some research on the books before playing this game, players will get irritated if you do not play by the books. Here are some guidelines/rules you might want to follow: *I am no longer updating any of my Warriors places. Please read my bio for more info, and do not ask me to sell/uncopylock this game* Tuwtle, MermaidJulia, FuzzyKitteh, RaChu, SamanthaKP, and Vizavi are the admins. Do not ask for admin, you will be ignored. The admin commands save logs of all the commands used, so I can tell if they abuse admin or not.
*OLD* Warrior Cats Lake Territory

Visited 1,739,055 times (1,583 last week)
*OLD* Warrior Cats Lake Territory
NOTE: This game is extremely old to me. Personally, I think it's rubbish compared to the newer stuff I have built. It burns my eyes to even look at this place. Therefore, I will not be updating this game ever again. My NEW Lake Territory:
OLD- Warrior Cats Forest Territory

Visited 468,156 times (817 last week)
OLD- Warrior Cats Forest Territory
This the old territory also known as the forest territory. Sorry but I won't be updating this, please read my bio for more info.
Skyclan Territory *Again, OLD*

Visited 55,356 times (73 last week)
Skyclan Territory *Again, OLD*
The Hunger Games (Bought from IxIRenegadeIxI)

Visited 980 times (12 last week)
The Hunger Games (Bought from IxIRenegadeIxI)
I bought this from IxIRenegadeIxI, it is not an exploited copy, and I will not give you it or any of the models. I remember playing this a few years back and wanted to re-upload for all those who remember playing it too.
Empty Alleyway

Visited 312 times (4 last week)
Empty Alleyway
Another new project (I guess?) Was used as Bloodclan's alley camp in my christmas video. Thought I'd upload what I made a while back, and work on expanding it as a showcase map. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a simple alleyway, no huge map, just what you can see in the picture. Do not buy access if you expect something massive and playable.
Price: 30
Buy Access Buy Access
Divergent -WIP- as usual...

Visited 924 times (104 last week)
Divergent -WIP- as usual...
WIP again as always. No actual map, just the aptitude test room and a test GUI so far. Should be fun to complete. Had 15 minutes to spare one morning, and had to vent my fangirling over Divergent somehow after reading it. Don't get me wrong, I tried convincing myself to hate it after I saw the movie; I wanted to stay true to my Hunger Games roots. But I gave in, read the book, loved it. Who knows, I might finish something for once. ᙖє ᙖяαṽё.


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