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The Psychic Union
COPY THIS INTO YOUR BLURB AND SEE WHAT PEOPLE RATE YOU!!!! 1=crazy, 2=i'd marry you, 3=talkative, 4=sarcastic, 5=i miss you, 6=partier, 7=moody, 8=dumb, 9=mouthy, 10=spoiled, 11=random, 12=hot, 13=funny, 14=fit, 15=amazing, 16=tough, 17=cute, 18=gf/bf type, 19=player, 20=i love you, 21=gorgeous, 22=the best, 23=couldn't live without u :)
message me your answer! please?
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The mind of Blomb. (Read Desc.)

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The mind of Blomb. (Read Desc.)
Ever wondered what its like in my head? Well here it is. (:NOTE:) This is a roleplay place! I will consider suggestions for tools, just message them to me. i will look at them and decide. HAVE FUN!


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