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End Time Ledgends
End Time Ledgends
I dont accept friend requests without reason to.

If you wish to contact me and I am not online you can sometimes find me on Steam or League of Legends under the name DorsalChicken

Also check out my Colors!3D art gallery - My username is DorsalChicken

"Is a win without effort really a win at all"

Update: I am unable to build or C-frame until I get a computer able to handle it. So ALL works in progress are on halt until further notice.
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End Time Ledgends
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Soon to be named.

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Soon to be named.
Dead before it got started.
Model making

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Model making
Were I build and create requested items as well as normal things I make for myself.
Skatepark Hangout, my 1st game

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Skatepark Hangout, my 1st game
This was my 1st game, its full of free modles and stuff, I only keep it as a reminder of how much I sucked when I started :3 Don't listen to anything the noobs in here say, they are dumb.
End time

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End time
As everything is now I have no idea when I will be able to finish this. There is a major story and plot to this that has taken weeks to make and is still not finished but I have lost what help I had with the scripting.
"Don't Blink" Map (WIP)

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"Don't Blink" Map (WIP)
A map for the game "Don't Blink" (Duh)


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