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[Update 7 February 2013] I am sorry to everyone who plays my games, because I really dislike everything about Roblox 2013. I am not one to bandwagon, I made this judgement from my personal experience with the software. I will return to Roblox when it isn't as bad. I cannot stand using Roblox 2.0
[Update 6 February 2013] I haven't had much motivation to finish my code since it is such a huge undertaking. I guess I'll continue it today.
[Update: 22 January 2013] I am still in progress with my code. I have begun online bug-testing that only my brother and I have access to. I have approximately 2500 lines of code in my one script for my new ArmA-esque game. It will be epic when I am done.
Best Roblox friends: plumtree, Pyro, willspartan117, roaxes, turdulator, turkeyvulture, daxter33, 3000cLOnEs, Yayme,
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Fight the Virus v3.5 - FIXING AND UPGRADING
This level is being upgraded and fixed! It will be done soon! #499 --> FTV-v3.5
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