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important: an lot of people have maded accounts that is of me on other sites but i only got 3 tinfoilbot accounts which tha is roblox twitter and youtube nothing else!!!

twitter - @tinfoilbot
youtube - robloxtinfoilbot

hello i am tinfoilbot one of the most famousest roblox in roblox and i am famous for making shirts and having an big group with alot of fans and my experiense fighting skill as well. i have got over 250 knock out so far if you dont beleive me check my knockout score even.

my hobbys are going to boat and raft game and deletein everybodys things and i like going to sword fight on the height too and practise. my personal is very good and nice and i am a very good freind!!


could you add me?
yes i add all of my fan

how much robux do you have?
over 10000000 but i not give any of it for free! report if ask!!!

whats your favorite item?
i use to have an item calle deadly dark dominus but someone hacked it
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dark orb 10 - spaced out (BETA TESTER)

Visited 289 times (81 last week)
dark orb 10 - spaced out (BETA TESTER)
monter contest close now thank for all the entry i get over 150 entrys!!! that alot i cant put it all i go to make 20 of my most best ones i do see beta is now out and it 125 roblox to buy and see the game as it now is now the full game go to come soon and will be free!! buy beta if for the exlusive badge and to test the game here the game soundtrack official!! an new villain invader trapcase has kidnapped all of the dark orb characters and he holding all othem inside a rising elevator in hes new rocket ship in outer space. it now is your job to stop it getting to the top before it to late!!! UPDATE: story 80% done
Price: 125
Buy Access Buy Access
vodgreens world 2 - (the dark orb 9!!!) OUT NOW!

Visited 21,313 times (264 last week)
vodgreens world 2 - (the dark orb 9!!!) OUT NOW!
UPDATE: dark orb 10 now is coming very soon!!! the hit award winning story obby series now is back and more better then ever it was before!!! vodgreen is now badly disfiguored since apprentice did pushed him over the edge and he wants revenge on apprentice!! apprentice also want revenge on him aswell also and tinfoilbot is on the middle of it all again!!! it up to you only to save him before it is too late warning: has got very scary scenes in it not recomend to anyone who get scared easy anyone who hacks the game go to be put an the kohl bannde list of every single one of my game and never be allow to join any of my game or group ever again
dark orb 8 chinatown!!! - [NEW OUT!!]

Visited 15,710 times (135 last week)
dark orb 8 chinatown!!! - [NEW OUT!!]
demon spider is back and hes taking the other monsters and tinfoilbot to china and then you got to then pass all the traps they setted up and face the other monster there in an journey of a lifetime!!!!!! also when you complete it there also is alot of badges to find too warning: has got some scary scenes in it to!!!
the apprentices revenge 2 - evil zombies army

Visited 9,056 times (72 last week)
the apprentices revenge 2 - evil zombies army
NEW: i add an new secret zoo with 3 rare animal badge and it very hard to get to it!!!! WARNING: this game parent guideance due to very scary scenes!!!! when the apprentice has tryed everything he can do to take over the world and it doesent work so he has hire all of the evil zombies again!!! but this time there are more dangerous then ever before!! can you get to the end and find also find the secret new mysterous monster!!
tinfoilbots crazy adventure!! vodgreens world

Visited 9,654 times (77 last week)
tinfoilbots crazy adventure!! vodgreens world
new rare badges and new secret vodgreen weird room go to be added later today so go on here later today!!!! master vodgreen is an arch enemy of tinfoilbot and he has set up a crazy journey for you to go on full of traps and rides and obstacle can you do the unthinkble and get pass it alone!!!! warning: this game has scene that might be scary for some people!!!
NEW the end of the dark orb - evil mickos attack

Visited 6,669 times (51 last week)
NEW the end of the dark orb - evil mickos attack
now has got DYNAMIC LIGHT!!! from the award winning game maker tinfoilbot comes hes newest scary story game!!! what trechery lies ahead its the game you all been waiting for the end of the dark orb all secrets will come out. warning: this game is very scary and not recomended unless you do not get scared easy!!!
the apprentice dies -revenge of the spider (18+)

Visited 11,652 times (74 last week)
the apprentice dies -revenge of the spider (18+)
WARNING: before you play this game has got alot of scary scene in it that can be very frightenin so be careful not recomended for people who are under 18!!! thanku for all the art picture and model for my gallery!! i had added it now so it there in the gallery can you face it alone the apprentice has been killed and one person is repsonsible!! can you face the danger that lies ahead!! find out what happened to the apprentice and find clues
the apprentices revenge (merely favorite!!!)

Visited 10,654 times (67 last week)
the apprentices revenge (merely favorite!!!)
thanku to mechawaffle for makeing a ad of this!!! he is very cool merely and pieperson50 also peaspod and mechawaffle and simoon68 all did favorited this game i am very please they do!!! it finally here the game you all been waiting for!!! the apprentice is back and he did captured tin you have to go on another journey to save tin but he is using aot of potions this time!! go through alot of enemys and hard obstacles and also there are scary bits in it too so be careful. only play if you are 12+ as it got some distressin scene on it also thanku to my freind nonstopepic for making me a apprentice for my game that moves and talks
the dark orb 2

Visited 5,519 times (59 last week)
the dark orb 2
its the sequal to the dark orb. the dark orb 2 (the shadow) go through lots of scary places and fight enemies. WARNING: not for people with a heart conditon or if you are scared easy
the deadly dark orb

Visited 4,318 times (73 last week)
the deadly dark orb
COMING SOON the dark orb 2? its coming so be cautios and prepare for the journey of your life!!! welcome to the deadly dark orb. a apprentice has taken the gem to the world and put it at the end of this game. go on a trechery journey and try and get past all the obstacle. can you get to the end and win?? i have worked very hard to make this game. do not copy it!
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